Simply Pleasure




Beauty 美 ・ Love 愛 ・ Smile 微笑




2023, the 12th and 13th anniversary of 

 Simply Pleasure & Smile™ 

Dreams built with Love, Beauty, Smile

have gone through fermentation and

precipitation and come to fruition.

May you enjoy the fruitful fruits

we have prepared

Feel "Love . Beauty . Bliss" & Smile!

Special Edition

SP Make A Wish - Preserved Flower Ball Cake

《 Dream of Autumn 》

Inspired by the Colors & Fruits of Autumn 

Velvety Red Roses adorn

Orange & Brown Branches & Leaves 

Like the Deep & Shallow Colors of Autumn 

Take SP Classic Preserved Flower Ball Cake

To Make an Autumn Wish for your Happiness

Smile™  Froyo

《 Smile Autumn 》

It’s a faint touch of Green in Autumn 

Like walking into an Autumn Orchard

Deliver an impression of 

"Everything in Autumn is Slightly Burnt"

SP Senses

Celebrate your birthday

with SP

Tel. 2789-3339


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5 most touching Smile Stories

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「200 Millions Smile」Wall​

以 Smile™ 13 年來

分享逾 200 萬杯乳酪雪糕為靈感

設計「200 萬微笑」牆

首站將設於啟德 AIRSIDE 店

客人即場以 Smile™ 乳酪雪糕造型咭

寫下您與 Smile™ 的快樂故事



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