Founded in Hong Kong in 2005

Infuse Floral & Tea Art, Oriental Life Aesthetics

"Harmony, Bliss, Tranquillity, Elegance"

into Art of Gourmet, Cake, Tea, and Aesthetic Experience 

We share Love . Beauty . Bliss  

from Dining to Daily Aesthetic


SP, inspired by the original intention of sharing

“Simply Pleasure” Aesthetic Lifestyle

by the founder & Aesthetic Lifestyle Artist, Ms. Shadow Kwan

SP started by founding the design studio Bonne Chere

which was later renamed Simply Pleasure

as a Apparel and Lifestyle Selected Shop

offering Original Clothing Designs and Lifestyle Selection

sharing the Beauty of Craftsmanship and Daily Life

Wishing everyone a Life with  "Simply Pleasure"

SP  turns abstract Aesthetic Lifestyle concept

into tangible goods that can be

Seen, Heard, Smelled, Tasted and Touched

The unique Aesthetic Temperament

that moves Emotions through Sensory Experience

extends the concept of "Love Begets Love . Beauty Begets Beauty"

to Tea, Treats, Dining and Aesthetic Space

Praising Life with Gourmet and Gatherings

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Cake Poetry

Inspired ​by

 the Floral


Tea Art

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   Tea Poetry

Your Poetic


Nourishing Tea


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 Custom Design


Special Moment

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Nourishing & Blissful Comfort Foodfor yourWell-being

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