One Lesson One Meal

"One Lesson, One Meal" is a newly planned private lesson by Su Hei after "One Tea, One Talk" & "One Sound, One Breath". Together with the well-known life aesthetics brand SP, each session learns a life topic, eat a Su Hei specially created dish & enjoy a feast of SP Senses exquisite cuisine. To comprehend the truth of life cannot only rely on "saying" & "thinking", but also has to return to life to ponder & practice "action". Start with having a meal with Su Hei after the lesson, and gain wisdom slowly.

Shadow carefully prepares a five-course private banquet poetic menu according to the solar terms, her life insights & the theme of this happening. She designs the menu with seasonal Yoshoku tea pairing cuisine, floral cake, house-blended “Tea Poetry” tea drinks, as well as “Su Hei’s Classic Seaweed Omelette”, together with the Japanese-style flower scenes & dining atmosphere created by Shadow’s own hands, in order to ensure the experience of "One Lesson, One meal" can take place in a comfortable space.

Topic of the first session of "One Lesson, One Meal":
What did you learn from loving at the end

Su Hei handmade Souvenir for every participant (Priceless, Not for Sell)
SP HK$50 voucher x 1

1/ Su Hei Lesson + SP “Tea Poetry” Welcome Tea
2/ SP Senses x Su Hei 5-course Menu
3/ Ending Remarks, Gifting

Date: 29 June 2023 (Thu)
15 June 2023 (Thu) (FULL)
Time: 7:00-9:30 pm
Venue: SP Senses - Shop G64-66, Tsin Sha Tsui, 66 Moody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


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