《Summer Floral Scenery》

Floral Arrangement Workshop

Water in glass vase as mirror

Kenzan as a stage for flowers and branches

Use Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement Technique

To create a Summer Floral Scenery

Live a poetic life once in a while


Date: 1 June, 2022

Time: 19:00-21:00

No. of Participants: 6

Participation Fee: HK$1280 per pax

Including Vase, Flowers, Kenzan & Treats

Apply via WhatsApp: +852 5282 3909


Upcoming Event: SUMO Pottery x Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier

Shadow Kwan

Integrating Eastern & Western floral elements

based on Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement style

to promote aesthetic lifestyle with flowers

Founder & Creative Director of

Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier

Japanese Ikebana Florist

Founder of SP Senses.SP Dance.Smile Yogurt.Cookies Quartet.Pound & Roll...

Food Stylist

Tea Artist

Fragrance Artist


Facebook: Kwan Yuen Tung (關琬潼)

Youtube: Shadow Kwan 關琬潼 . 美與生活